Jana –

Hello, I’m Jana, Master Brow Artist/Owner at Vanity. I am an Advanced Esthetician and have been licensed for 18 years. I’m certified in Microblading going on 6 years now. I’m also certified in Dermaplaning. I have been doing eyebrows as my specialty for going on 10 years now.

The ‘Get Pretty’ brow service has the biggest following at the shop. It’s a customized brow wax that is truly incomparable!

Please visit our booking link below if you’d like a consultation, Get Pretty Brows, or microblading! I look forward to meeting you and giving you brows you’ll love to wake up to everyday!


  • Get Pretty Brows – $30
  • Get Pretty Brows & Tint – $42
  • Microblading Consult – $0
  • Microblading – $500
  • Perfecting Session – 6 to 8 weeks later – $100
  • Annual Microblading Session – $175

  • Dermaplaning – $85
  • Dermaplaning Added To Brow Service – $50
Aly –

Makeup Artist / Permanent Makeup Artist


  • VBR Microblading – $500
    (Perfecting Session Included)
  • Get Pretty Makeup – $55
  • Strip Lashes – $10
Calista –

Esthetician / Skincare Specialist


  • Get Pretty Customizable Facial – $65
  • Dermaplaning – $85
  • Dermaplaning Add-On – $50
  • Lash Lift & Tint – $95
  • Lash Lift – $75
  • Lash Tint – $20

Get Pretty Signature Peel – $100

Vitamin C and fruit enzymes blended in aloe vera base with anti-inflammatory botanicals to reduce redness. Hyaluronic acid adds moisture to dry/dehydrated skin. Gently exfoliates while infusing the skin with potent antioxidants.

Detoxifying and energizing complexes give noticeable results in just one session. Detoxifying and energizing botanicals give noticeable results in just one session.


Get Pretty Perfection Peel – $130

This distinct blend of exfoliating agents, lactic acid, salicylic acid, and resorcinol, work synergistically to visibly reduce the appearance of fine lines, correct uneven skin tone, smooth rough texture and reduce acne blemishes.
Advanced exfoliating and revitalizing ingredients help to rejuvenate and helps to repair moderate to severe acne, aging and pigmentation concerns.


Bre  –

Esthetician / Lash Artist


  • Full Set Classic Lash Extensions
  • Lash Lift & Tint
  • Lash Lift
  • Lash Tint
  • 3 Week Fill
  • 2 Week Fill


Jennifer  –

Permanent Makeup Artist / Cosmetologist


  • SPMU Eyeliner (Top & Bottom)
  • SPMU Eyeliner (Top Only)
  • Powder Brow
  • Hybrid Brow


Cour –

Brow Artist


  • Lip, Chin & Side Wax – $30
  • Brow Wax & Tint – $35
  • Brow Tint -$20
  • Brow & Lip Wax – $30
  • Brow Wax – $25
  • Brow Tweeze – $25
  • Lip Wax – $10
  • Lash Lift & Tint – $95
Gabriella –

Esthetician / Lash Artist


  • Volume Fill
  • Hybrid Fill
  • Classic Fill
  • Volume Mini Fill
  • Hybrid Mini Fill
  • Classic Mini Fill
  • Lash Removal
  • Lip Wax
  • Lash Lift & Tint
  • Brow Lamination, Wax & Tint
  • Brow Lamination
  • Brow Tint
  • Brow Wax
  • Volume Full Set
  • Hybrid Full Set
  • Classic Full Set



Please be advised there is a $100 booking fee for all microblading appointments. After you book your appointment you will receive an invoice. This is applied to your overall amount due, as long as you keep your appointment.

Artists are not paid hourly and this ensures that you are as committed to your appointment as we are. Should you cancel or reschedule, this will compensate the artist for lost time. Unfortunately, there are no exceptions to this policy. Thank you for your understanding.


You will be charged a cancellation fee equaling 50% of the total service due if there is a cancellation less than 24 hours before your appointment, and/or if you no-show. If you no-show and do not follow up with your service provider within 24 hours all future appointments will be cancelled.

We are trying to work as effectively as possible and we respect your time wholeheartedly & we appreciate the same! Thank you for your understanding.

Come Get Pretty

Pretty is our passion. Vanity Brow & Beauty Room has established itself as one of the most highly recommended beauty salons in Northeast Ohio. Our licensed estheticians have been shaping gorgeous eyebrows for over 15 years, providing our loyal clients with a wide selection of beauty care services. Here at Vanity, we actively pursue continual education, keeping in touch with the latest trends.

Immerse yourself in Vanity’s unique world of beauty and allow us to pamper you from head to toe

Come in, get pretty, and experience the difference for yourself!

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The results are absolutely stunning

Calista is just the sweetest! I went in for just a lash lift because I wasn’t sure about getting both lift and tint since this was my first time. She explained everything about the process clearly and when I decided to add the tint (about halfway through the lift process) she was 1) totally cool about adding that and 2) explained why she personally recommended getting both but didn’t want me to feel like she was pressuring me to get both at the beginning. The results are absolutely stunning and I will definitely be going back!

It’s been life changing for me!

I can’t tell you how much I love Jana and what she has done for me — I have brows for the first time in my life! Her microblading and artistic skill and her attention to detail is superb! If you are even *thinking* about microblading, Jana is your girl. I’m so thrilled, and it might sound silly to those of you blessed with brows, but it’s been life changing for me! Thank you Jana!!

That’s how awesome this place is!!

This is the best salon for brows I have ever been to. They really know how to maintain thick brows and every time I walked out of this place I was so happy!! All the girls are super nice and it’s always an amazing experience. Recently, I moved an hour away from this area and had a bad experience with a different salon. I am contemplating on whether or not I should make the hour drive every 3-4 weeks to get my brows done here again because that’s how awesome this place is!!

The staff and environment is first class

I have been a client of Courtney Levi’s for over six years and have been coming to Vanity Brow & Beauty Room since it opened. The staff and environment is first class. Courtney is extremely talented and professional. I always receive compliments on my brows and I tell everyone they would be nothing without Courtney. She is a master of shaping brows to suite her clients’ style, desired look, and face-shape. Her services are well priced for the extraordinary results you receive.